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Colorado CoDA Delegates:
Ruth Ann
Michelle E.

Alternate Delegates:

Below is the delegates report for the 2018 CSC.


The 2018 CoDA Service Conference in San Diego California was both challenging and successful.  The conference is proof that CoDA has grown into a worldwide fellowship. The conference had delegates from the US, England, Canada, Russia, Columbia, and Italy.  All CoDA committees are working hard and expanding. Because CoDA is growing - not just in Spanish Speaking countries - but also in Africa and Iran - the Translation committee needs a lot of help from members.  The Hospitals and Institutions also needs help, as they are overwhelmed trying to get CoDA information to prisons, health facilities, mental health professionals, universities and so on. The Literature, World Connections, Events, and Communications committees also have service opportunities for CoDA members and anyone can serve.  

CoDA requires funds to grow.  The 2018 budget was $232,243.00.  The Finance Committee estimates that the 2019 budget to be $257,868.00.  The 2019 was put into a motion and passed. This is proof that 7th Tradition donations from Colorado CoDA were and are well needed.  

The CoDA Service Conference addressed many issues.  These are the results of items voted on that have significant effects on Colorado CoDA:

Changes for individual meetings:

  • A glossary is being added - to provide a definition of terms - to the CoDA Service Manual.

  • A non-bullying policy was also added to Part 1 Section 03 of the CoDA Service Manual in order to support a safe environment in all CoDA meetings.

  • A new Meeting Phone List sample is now part of the “Meeting Starter Packet” – which will now be called the “Meeting Handbook”.

  • The CoDA Welcome was changed to say “families and other systems” in place of “family systems”.  

  • A CoDA meeting may have outside literature, only after a detailed consideration of the Traditions, in an informed group conscience is done.

Three pieces of new service literature will be on the Co-Dependents Anonymous International website:

  • A piece submitted by CoDA Columbia called “Sentimientos” (in English “Feelings”) is now available.  This has been used in Colombia for several years to help newcomers identify and understand their feelings.  The piece does not have an official author so it will not be published as official CoDA literature.

  • Twelve Tips for Sponsors was submitted by Northern California CoDA.  It’s been successfully used to help Sponsors work their own program, and thus provide support for those who sponsor.  It’s been helpful in increasing the number of individuals who volunteer to sponsor others in CoDA, as our program has always had a shortage of available sponsors.  

  • Thirty Questions – also submitted by Northern California – is a new service item for working the first 3 Steps.  It’s been useful for getting people started in working the Steps while supporting the individual getting a sponsor, or being a sponsor.  

New CoDA Literature and Literature Improvements:

  • A new piece of literature is in the process of being published and edited / updated.  This will be called “Traditionally Speaking: Finding Solutions”.  The new booklet is about using the Traditions in all our relationships as we work our own individual programs.  The examples are not only about family members but all relationships such as those in the workplace.

  • CoDA Prayers – a collection of approved CoDA prayers.  The publication may soon be updated to have the prayers in English on one page and in Spanish on the opposite page.  

  • The Twelve-Piece Relationship Toolkit - created by CoDA Saskatoon Canada - is a supporting document to the CoDA Workbook.  The booklet explores the use of the 12 Traditions for maintaining healthy and loving relationships.

  • The CoDA Twelve Steps and Twelve Traditions Workbook is now available in a spiral format - the original format will still be available for the Outreach Committee - as spiral bound books are not allowed in prisons and other various institutions.  

First year delegate, Ruth Ann’s note:

This is the first time I ever volunteered for CoDA service work – that was not in the area I live in.  I was able to see how the Traditions - especially the Group Conscious process - are an essential part of CoDA.  I also saw that no matter how long I’m in CoDA I will always be codependent and need to use the 10th Step.  With that said, it is essential that Colorado CoDA send delegates to the annual CSC.  Using the same people to make all decisions does not support a healthy relationship between the CoDA Board and local entities.  Colorado CoDA will need another delegate for the 2019 convention in Atlanta. This is an opportunity for anyone to learn about CoDA as a worldwide and multifaceted fellowship.  It is also a great way to find a committee to serve in, make a real difference the lives of people who want healthy relationships, and impact recovery all over the world.

Reminder! – these CoDA Committees have service opportunities:

CoDA Board






Issues Mediation



Translation Management